Creating inspired spaces through interior design.


Wake-up on the sunny side

This young couple came to The Residency Bureau asking for help in brightening up their master bedroom. The refreshing blue walls paired with the wallpaper serve as a backdrop to this playful yet grown-up space. Light-hearted artwork, textiles rich in texture and family heirlooms round out the design.  

“The Residency Bureau worked within my budget to give our master bedroom a much-needed update. She talked to me thoughtfully about what I liked in the current room, what drew me to the pieces I had chosen on my own, and what I thought needed improvement. Amy came up with ideas I would never have thought of on my own, and I really love the result. Who knew that the spherical knobs on our mid-century dresser could be a theme carried out in light fixtures, wallpaper and decor? I’m so glad I didn’t just trust myself to do this job. And I am pretty sure I sleep better because of it.
Susan, Client